Company Background

Data Geeks in Suits

Paths Leading to 9Ware
Before coming together to create 9Ware, our management team built childhood entrepreneurial ventures, served retail customers, and earned physics, business and engineering degrees ... all before spending over 100 years of collective time gaining technical, business and customer solutions experience in the corporate world.

We cut our teeth with market leaders including AT&T, IBM, Vie de France, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and Bell Atlantic & MCI (both now part of Verizon).

9Ware: Early Years
In 2000, 9Ware was born to develop solutions that would give businesses extraordinary insight into their business data.

By 2004, 9Ware found a niche in the petroleum industry when it was hired to replace an existing infrastructure (SAP) with a custom solution. Within the first month, 9Ware had achieved over 90% system automation for that client's substantial acquisition, one in which 153 locations were acquired and none of the technology conveyed.

9Ware: The Last 15 Years and Today
9Ware staff and management have spent the last 1.5 decades together moving, managing, translating, interpreting, analyzing and displaying data for clients up and down the Atlantic Seaboard, making them significantly more operationally efficient and effective along the way.

Data Is Data: Although a majority of 9Ware's current work focuses on petroleum distribution data, other projects have included varied topics such as carbon sequestration in soil, children's audio books, Dunkin' Donuts production management, burger restaurant order flow, terrain tracking in Namibia, and more!