The Mission: Maximize our Partners' Productivity and Profitability

Three owners, each with >30 years practical business experience across a broad range of business sectors and corporate functions. We joined forces in 2003 to combine that experience with our shared passion for the Power of Data!

Automated Data Flow & Data Management
Yes, we love to tap into the power of data. And to do that, the data needs to be in the right place and organized in a productive way. So one of the most important things we do is to automate the flow and management of data.


Data Analysis & Visualization
Successful data management should serve a purpose beyond getting data to the right places. We use metadata generation along with monitoring, analysis and visualization, including advanced statistical techniques, to help organizations become more productive and profitable.


At 9Ware, we understand that the appropriate selection of technologies for a project is critical and is based on:
  • required capabillities
  • integrating with existing systems
  • understanding your business