Improving Operational Efficiencies with Data

Be Honest .... How effectively do you use data to operate and improve your business?

Getting The Data to Flow

Doing virtually nothing with your data beyond brute force methods to get it where it needs to be? You're not alone.

Staff time is commonly wasted on manual tasks that could be automated. Various systems function in silos with little or no interaction or synchronization. Operational inefficiencies likely exist without analytical means to identify or resolve them.

Using The Data

Your data is flowing well among your internal and external systems in a largely automated fashion. Congrats! But data flow efficiency is only one small part of your data's role in improving operational efficiency.

Automation and efficiency of data flow save time and money. However, operational efficiency and better profitability require constantly improving business processes through the understanding, measurement and analysis of your business data.

Taking Full Advantage

At this level your data is fully automated and integrated into your business, including metadata generation, monitors, alerts and visualizations. Now your data isn't just getting where it needs to be, it's providing the core means to continually monitor and improve your bottom line.

Monitors, alerts and dashboards aren't waiting for your team to notice operational issues -- they tell you when something is going wrong and also tell you how to improve when everything seems to be going right. Furthermore, advanced statistical techniques can identify improvement areas and predict outcomes that can't be seen in standard dashboards and visualizations.

9Ware can help you get here.