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9Ware deploys in modules, like building blocks that work together. So you only commit to projects in priority order as resources become available.

9Ware Client/Project Samples

Client Systems & Platforms 9Ware Role & Solution / Project Notes
Daintree Capital
Provides working capital loans to women and other under-represented founders
Airtable ⊹ Javascript ⊹ Vega Custom loan management and reporting system built entirely in Airtable. Includes auto-generation of payment schedules for both P&I and Revenue loans. Data views for staff, for 'snipping' to share with borrowers and tax advisors. Anaytics and charts for internal management and operations.
Helps fans connect to the players and teams they love by commemorating the best moments in sports with real-time fan apparel and other licensed products
Airtable ⊹ Javascript ⊹ Shopify Airtable configurations and custom scripts to generate hundreds of unique SKUs daily for product launches. Automation of data transfer between Airtable and BreakingT's Shopify online platform.
Petroleum Marketing Group
One of the largest fuel distributors in the Eastern USA, regularly serving nearly 3000 locations
Argus ⊹ AspenTech ⊹ Axxis ⊹ DTN ⊹ OPIS ⊹ PDI ⊹ Platts ⊹ Simmons ⊹ Titan ⊹ ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# ⊹ Plotly ⊹ Microsoft SQL Server ⊹ Windows Batch Scripts ⊹ PowerShell ⊹ QLIK ⊹ Custom Portal ⊹ Custom Web App Ongoing development and departmental oversight of all data management, automation and visualization services to support more than $2B/yr in automotive fuel service activities. Established operational hedging program based on commodity futures and options trading. Our initiatives automate processes, increase transaction efficiency and quality, improve customer service, reduce accounting payroll, provide agility during the work-at-home COVID era, and support annual audits.
Dunkin Donuts: DC Central Bakery
Served as the production hub for 35+ Washington DC metro Dunkin Donuts locations beginning in 2003
ColdFusion ⊹ Javascript ⊹ Jasper Reports ⊹ PostgreSQL ⊹ Custom Web Portal Built and maintained a custom online order management and fulfillment system including standing orders, special orders, quantity/style aggregation for production, pick sheets for distribution, and tracking orders back into accounting. The system improved production efficiency and franchisee satisfaction, and enabled higher retail sales by facilitating short-window special orders for events, etc.

Professional Sports League in US & Canada
PHP ⊹ Python ⊹ Matplotlib ⊹ SciPy ⊹ Microsoft SQL Server ⊹ MySQL ⊹ ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# ⊹ Poisson Analysis ⊹ Monte Carlo Analysis ⊹ Custom Web App Various projects 2014-present have included:
  • Divisional Schedule Optimization (Operations Research / Decision Analytics).
  • Data analysis to equitably attribute media revenues across teams.
  • Built and managed a custom, AUDL-branded weekly Pick'em website, launched in 2017.
  • Generated First-Decade historical AUDL Net Statistical Power Index (Net SPI) rankings based on our proprietary mathematical analysis of the results from all 1284 games played during the league's first decade.
Mutual Oil
Founded in 1937, Mutual Oil Company was one of the largest wholesale petroleum distributors in New England before being acquired by TAC Energy in 2016
CADEC ⊹ DTN ⊹ FuelSmart ⊹ FuelQuest ⊹ TelePoint ⊹ PHP ⊹ PostgreSQL ⊹ Linux Shell Scripts ⊹ Custom Web Portal Data management, automation, and analysis projects for leadership, operations, accounting, sales, dispatch, and customer service. Provided 7 years of service until the TAC acquisition. Projects included:
  • Live Route & Delivery Analyzer for shift activities using underlying metadata generated from real-time analysis of Cadec in-truck logs and rolling 90-day fleet averages.
  • Created work performance summaries and automated driver efficiency reports.
  • Established and managed a fixed-price-contract hedging program.
  • Built a database-driven customer contract tracking platform.
The Nature Conservancy
Lead planetary conservation efforts by bringing together real-world solutions, policy expertise, sustainable financing and collaborative partnerships
PHP ⊹ Python ⊹ Linux Shell Scripts Converted existing Linux command-line software products into a web-based application to process uploads and combine outputs of landscape-scale vegetation models to calculate soil-carbon sequestration in rangeland communities. Results output included tabular and graphical display of summary data and downloadable .csv files.
Cato Gas & Oil
Regional leader in home and commercial heating and motor fuel supply founded in 1960
ADDs ⊹ PDI ⊹ ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# ⊹ Microsoft SQL Server ⊹ Windows Batch Scripts ⊹ Custom Web Portal Automated the transactional data flow between enterprise systems including transfer, metadata generation, integration and analysis.
MLB Moving Averages
High paced baseball podcast focusing on fantasy and betting expertise and advice
ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# ⊹ Microsoft SQL Server ⊹ Javascript ⊹ Chart.js ⊹ Plotly ⊹ Custom Web-Scraping ⊹ Proprietary Visualization Platform Built a custom module to scrape data, process key stats and generate interactive visualizations. Web-hosted with credentialed access.
Quest Transport
Automotive Fuels Transport Company
AspenTech ⊹ Kalibrate ⊹ PDI ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# ⊹ Microsoft SQL Server ⊹ Windows Batch Scripts ⊹ Custom Web Portal Automated transfer of fuel delivery information into AP and AR accounting systems. Live dispatched order tabulation and charts.
Sound Science
Consultancy services in natural resource management, adaptive management and ecological monitoring
Android OS ⊹ MySQL ⊹ PHP ⊹ Custom Form Designer ⊹ Custom Tablet App Developed the interface and data collection aspects of a tablet-based tool for paperless landscape surveying in Namibia. The mobile app collects field measurements in low-to-no coverage areas and retains data until connectivity is regained, when it automatically transmits all stored data to online servers.
PMG Airport Plazas
Build and operate modern, state-of-the-art facilities at airports throughout the U.S.
Axxis ⊹ DTN ⊹ Kalibrate ⊹ OPIS ⊹ PDI ⊹ ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# ⊹ Microsoft SQL Server ⊹ Windows Batch Scripts ⊹ PowerShell Integrated proprietary and 3rd party data into parent company accounting systems, automated data feeds for fuel costs and invoices.
E&C Mid-Atlantic Ventures
Specialists in retail convenience and gasoline locations operating throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia
Axxis ⊹ DTN ⊹ OPIS ⊹ PDI ⊹ Java ⊹ PostgreSQL ⊹ Linux Shell Scripts ⊹ Custom Web Portal Automated data management including fuel BOLs and invoices, fuel cost imports and daily price notices. Facilitated spin-off from wholesale side of the business.
Kriebel Group
Provide drilling, production & operation, sales, and well servicing of natural gas areas
Excel Provided analytical consulting services for custom hedge plan model.
Shepherd's Center of Northern Virginia (SCNOVA)
501(c)(3) that assists older adults with aging in place through services, companionships, and community
Microsoft Access Performed full technology audit including hardware, software and custom development recommendations to support the organization's multi-year plan.
9Ware Sports Workshop
Applied Mathematics: Pro Sports Franchise Values
R ⊹ R Stats ⊹ ggplot ⊹ Multiple Regression Analysis ⊹ ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# Regression Analysis project to investigate whether attendance and/or social media follower counts explain the huge variation in franchise values across Major League Baseball and the National Football League.
9Ware Music Workshop
Guitar Chord, Scale and Solo Visualizations
Javascript ⊹ ASP.NET Core ⊹ C# ⊹ Microsoft SQL Server Built interactive visualizers for guitar chords, scales and solos. Translated guitar solos from plain-text tablature format into sound sequences, note counts, and visualizations using fretboard heatmaps.