Regional Data Tracker for Multi-Site Organizations

9Ware's regional data charting tool uses county-based data to support operational decisions across various geographical sites. Our system is configurable to support any business with multiple locations, each affected by activities in one or more counties, showing any regionalized public or proprietary data like the COVID information used below.

EXAMPLE: Major League Baseball

Although the 2020 MLB season was shortened to 60 games, all teams played through the pandemic including a full 2021 season with fans in stands. Select from the dropdown below to see the COVID-19 trends in the specific counties where MLB's AL East and NL East teams play.

EXAMPLE: American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL)

The AUDL consists of four divisions of 5-7 teams each. The 2020 season was canceled due to the pandemic, but the league was alive in well for the 2021 season. Here are the COVID-19 trends across all their cities, accounting for all counties affecting the 2021 home venues.

[Min:01/22/2020; Max:08/15/2021]
Include Daily Data

Counties Included

AL: Entire State
CT: Entire State
LA: Entire State
MA: Entire State
ME: Entire State
MS: Entire State
VT: Entire State
WY: Entire State