Music Visualization Tools

We are avid music fans. So with data as our #1 passion, we just can't help ourselves from spending some time on this ...

Guitar Chord Visualizer

We started by building an interactive visualizer for guitar chords. We show multiple ways to play each chord and also allow you to see fingerings or scale degrees for each note (fingerings shown in these examples). Check it out here

Guitar Scale Visualizer

Similar to the Guitar Chord Visualizer, but for scales. You can choose major scales, along with the Aeolian minor and the other modes like Dorian, Mixolydian, etc. We have also included the pentatonic major and minor. For each of these scales we offer all five of the CAGED positions and the option to view either fingerings or scale degrees for each note (scale degrees shown in these examples) Check it out here

Guitar Tab Parser & Heatmap Generator

This is our initiative to translate guitar solos from plain-text tablature format into sound sequences, so we can process and visualize the sequences in various ways.

Our first visualization is to generate a heatmap from the parsed tab data based on the number of times each specific string/fret combination is played in a given solo. The heatmap provides a tool for guitarists to visualize the relative weighting of a solo on the fretboard, to facilitate improvisation that has a similar feel to the original without mimicking it. It's working! Check it out here